Plant Based Chili w/ Beyond Meat & Organic Split Pea Soup

Are these items Kosher for Pesach? For all? Only for Sephardim? Many thanks!

Harry’s Plant Based Chili with Beyond Meat (Vegan)
Ingredients: Water, Beyond Beef (water, pea protein isolate, expeller-pressed canola oil, refined coconut oil, rice protein, natural flavors, cocoa butter, mung bean protein, methylcellulose, potato starch, apple extract, salt, potassium chloride, vinegar, lemon juice concentrate, sunflower lecithin, pomegranate fruit powder, beet juice extract [for color]), Red Kidney Beans, Ground Tomatoes (tomatoes, sea salt, citric acid), Onions, Tomato Paste (tomatoes, citric acid), Green Bell Peppers, Red Bell Peppers, Celery, Canola Oil, Roasted Poblano Pepper, Cilantro, Chili Powder (chili pepper, spices, salt, dehydrated garlic), Lime Juice Concentrate (100%), Sea Salt, Chipotle in Adobo (chipotle peppers, water, tomato paste, sugar, sunflower seed oil, onion, corn starch, vinegar, salt, paprika, garlic, spices), White Distilled Vinegar, Rice Flour, Cumin, Brown Sugar, Cocoa Powder, Granulated Onion, Garlic Powder, Yeast Extract (yeast extract, salt), Chipotle Powder, Coffee Extract (decaf), Smoked Paprika, Nisin Preparation Blend (nisin preparation preservative, salt), Fennel Seed, Coriander, Mexican Oregano, Cinnamon, Black Pepper.

Trader Joe’s Organic Split Pea Soup – (COR Kosher Certified Pareve, Vegan, Gluten Free, Certified Organic)
Ingredients: Organic Green Split Peas, Water, Organic Onions, Organic Celery, Organic Carrots, Sea Salt, Organic Garlic Puree (organic garlic, water), Organic Onion Powder, Organic Spices (Cayenne Pepper, Bay Leaf, Black Pepper).

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  1. Kosher for Pesach for all

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