This website presents foods that are ok for Pesach even without certification. There is no magic trick. No rabbi blesses the foods. Many of us have this distorted notion that they must ask a Rabbi, get an approval, or otherwise cannot eat the food on Pesach. 
there is nothing farther from the truth. 

the only thing we do here is help research and confirm that the products that you post have no problematic ingredients. Many of our lifelong friends and followers barely come to the site anymore. The goal is to teach you how to research it on your own. 

simple ingredients like sugar, citric acid, water, lemon etc, why would you need to ask . Do you also ask when you buy an apple or a grape?


please read the ingredients first on your own. If there’s an item that you do not understand or aren’t sure about, please post it. No need to post a list of ingredients that are basic clear ingredients. Sure, you can post alcohols and vinegars and yeasts, because it isn’t clear what these items are made from. But if it says apples, rice, carrots, olive oil, and some chemicals, why do you feel the need to post it. You’re pretty smart on your own. You make major life and death decisions by googling medical information, but you’re not sure if apples are kosher For Pesach?!

please think this through and understand that there’s no magic. It’s simple. Research what’s in the product. Nothing will be in the product if it isn’t on the ingredients list. Now, if there’s an item on the list that you just don’t know what it is, sure, please post it. 

I don’t mean to offend anyone, god forbid. The goal here is to train you, not leave you as reliant on unnecessary rabbinical responses. 

we put hundreds of ingredients on the Pesach list to help you do this. Look at the list, at the category “ingredients “  there’s so many listed. If it says ok for Pesach, you’re good. 

it shouldn’t take long for you to be able to walk in to a store and pick up a product and decide for yourself confidently. That’s what we hope for. Hundreds are already doing this. You can too. 

chag Sameach!