Hi Rabbi, I wanted to know what cheeses usually do not contain rennet for restaurants. I believe mozerella is usually rennet free and cream cheese/yogurts /cottage is fine but wondering about others such as cheddar and swiss. Would this need to be asked of every restaurant to verify that they have rennet free products or […]

Chinese Restaurants

Eating at a non-kosher Chinese restaurant can be difficult. Culturally they’re often not as forthcoming on clarifying what is or is not vegetarian. Often they’re mom and pop operations and possibly there’s a trust issue. but let’s say you get past all that and you go to a chain store or a larger more established […]

Eating Italian

Here’s a typical Italian menu. The biggest issues at Italian restaurants are confirming that everything that you will eat is vegetarian, especially the renet in the cheese. You can ask the waiter and if he’s not 100% sure, have him ask the chef. Be aware that many people mistakenly think that cheese with animal renet […]

Eating Fish out

Most observant jews that travel on business will eat fish at restaurants, often without knowing how to do it right and thus with a side order of guilt.  Here are the issues. Bishul Akum for one. (Cooking of a non-Jew). Any of the fishes that are eaten raw in sushi, would not be a problem. […]

Non-kosher restaurants

Can you provide us with some general guidelines regarding eating at non-kosher restaurants? What kinda of things can we order? For example, vegetable soup, fish, pasta, salad etc.  I know this question is vague but perhaps you can provide us with general guidelines. Not all of us live in places like NYC or LA with […]

Eating out

Can you provide us with general guidelines on what can be ordered at a non-kosher restaurant? For example, soups, pasta, fish, salads, etc.? I know this is a vague question but general guidelines will help immensely.  Not everyone lives in NYC or LA with tons of kosher restaurants next door…