If one of the 5 species of grain (or it’s a majority kitniyot species) is listed in the ingredients, but water is not one of the ingredients in a product, would the product be considered chametz (or kitniyot that’s prohibited to eat)?

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  1. What I was thinking of was skinnypop. Assuming corn is kitniyot…
    Ingredients: Popcorn, sunflower oil and salt

    No one water in ingredients. Is there even a tzad issur?

    1. I hear you. It’s hard to give a theoretical answer on an irrational concept. (If you know what I mean, lol)

      Wheat that was toasted into snack-like kernels are fine, so technically kitniyot should be fine in the same way.

    1. I can’t remember what product it was that I noticed that was the case. If I see it again, I’ll post, but it might not be til next year! Not the product I was thinking of, but for example, Nature Valley bars have oats that are not ground up, but they also do not contain water. Assuming oats are kitniyot, is there any reason for ashkenazim to avoid eating Nature Valley bars, since even if it was one of the 5 species, it wouldn’t have become chametz in this product?
      Whole Grain Oats, Sugar, Canola Oil, Rice Flour, Dried Apples, Brown Sugar Syrup, Salt, Baking Soda, Soy Lecithin, Cinnamon, Natural Flavor.

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