I have an oven that uses a digital panel to be used and adjusted. Am I able to use it on Yom Tov since it is Melechet Ohel Nephesh?

By z l

4 thoughts on “Using an digital oven on Yom Tov”
  1. I thought there might be a problem with touching an electric panel on Yom Tov. similar to the melacha of lighting a fire which we don’t do, we only take a flame from an existing fire.

  2. Well, how about you explain to me why you think it could be a problem. We have 39 Melachot on Shabbat. Several of them are not applicable on Yom Tov. Let me know what the Issur can be. I’m very curious now.

    1. That whole concept of only taking from an existing flame is completely misunderstood.
      I can elaborate at a later date. Please remind me after the Pesach madness.

      In the interim, you can use the electronic oven buttons and a hotel room key. Everyone does it anyway. lol
      but it is fine.

  3. Can you explain why? I would think there might be a problem of touching the digital panel on yom tov.

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