Ok. So, everyone has been asking about eating at Subway Restaurants, yet still be observing the kashrut laws.

It sort of became a signature heter of ours,

It’s very simple. Each of us has the ability to ensure that we don’t eat Treif without needing a rabbinical supervision industry to look over our shoulders.

typical subway counter

The above photos are the typical setups at any Subway. Use your judgment. Most stores are very clean. If you see pieces of meat all over the vegetables, get out of there for many reasons.

You start by choosing a bread. Download the list above for acceptable breads. The only issues are the cheeses. Subway cheeses can have animal renet. They’ll cut your bread with a clean knife and ask you what you’d like in it. You can have a vegetable patty, tuna, egg, guacamole. Then they’ll ask if you want it toasted. It’s fine to toast. Cheeses are a problem there.

Then they’ll ask you what vegetables you want. They use clean gloves for your sandwich. If they don’t, ask them to. I’m not helping with the veggies. You know what you can or cannot have. Then choose a dressing from the list and a cookie, chips and/or a drink.

ENJOY! It is not brain surgery…

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