Face it, we all love hotel breakfast. So, how do we do it right and follow Halachah completely.
Let’s start with the breads. Basic Italian and French breads don’t pose a problem. Bagels, pita, English muffins are good. There are sometimes fancier breads that contain animal fat or lard. Very seldom, but you need to be aware. Simple solution, ask them. People working at the breakfast are not paid enough to lie, and thus they can be trusted.

Butter, jelly and the like are fine. Cream cheese is usually fine, but ask which brand. It’s usually Philly cream cheese.

cakes and cookies… ask if vegetarian and watch out for cheese fillings. They can be problematic.

waffles are fine. All the nuts, whip cream and m & m’s are fine. Pancakes are fine.

oatmeal is great and good for your health. All the fruits and veggies are ok. Even steamed vegetables.

yogurts are fine. Cheeses can be a problem. Ask what brand and then check against our year-round kosher list.

be extra careful when traveling outside US and Canada, as different cultures have different nuances. For example in Germany you have better chances of animal fat than in Italy, where they’re so proud of their olive oil, that they get offended when I ask.

omelets and eggs get complicated. Two issues- bishul Aku”m (cooking of a non-Jew), and the cleanliness of the pan. Simplest solution is to ask to turn on the fire and confirm that the pot is clean. Put the pot on the fire for two or three minutes empty and you have libun. Then let him go about his business. Add veggies and onions and cheese that’s kosher and enjoy. I’ve done this over a thousand times and in most places they’re accommodating.

smoked salmon is fine. Other packaged fishes, ask for the brand name and google. Usually fine.
tuna salad is fine.
Capers, pickles, cut up onions, sliced fruits or vegetables are good. Same as at home.
all the coffees, teas, cappuccinos and frapps are all good, hot or cold.

chummus, tahini, tzatziki, babaghanoush, and labaneh are fine.

I think I covered it all, but let me know what I’m missing and I’ll add it. Enjoy.

One thought on “Hotel Breakfast – doing it right”
  1. I have a question on the cleanliness of the pan. Many of these places make omelets with pork and non-Kasher cheese, which would seem to impart the flavor into the pan.

    Would it be necessary to Kasher the pan or bring in your own?

    1. Ask them to use a clean pan. Or it’s simple to kasher the pan by putting it on the fire empty and letting it get nice and hot for about two minutes. When you throw a few drops of water in and it sizzles, it’s good to go.

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