Hi Rabbi,

I have a question about wine at the seder:

1- How much is a revi’t?

2- On Seder night, do the wine glasses have to be full? For example, can I use a larger wine glass if I pour a revi’it and it doesn’t fill up completely?

3- Ideally, should I use smaller glasses in order for them to be full with a revi’it?


Chag Pesach Kasher V’Sameach

2 thoughts on “Seder night revi’it and wine glass”
  1. There are different opinions that range from 3 oz to a little over 5 oz.
    this issue has caused many people anxiety.
    Let’s relax and enjoy the Seder.
    Do the best you can.
    No need to fill the cup to the tippy top.
    Drink one mouthful for each cup and you’re good. If you can drink a little more, wonderful.
    I’m not giving exact sizes due to the OCD that has been going around. That isn’t Torah Judaism.
    Chill and enjoy the Seder and don’t look at exact amounts.
    Take a small cup and drink a little wine or grape juice of any color. Preferably something that you’ll enjoy.
    Have a wonderful Seder.

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