Have a question.
I am about to construct another mikvah..
I don’t want it to be as labor intensive as the first one…
Can a pool liner be used? Or is it considered a Keli?
I struggle with that because it’s a piece of plastic…
If so is it a Keli because the verbage or attended use and if that’s the case? Can something else be used?
Thank you…
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  1. I plan on building the mikveh with the hashoko method or a hashoko zriah combination method for the mikveh can the framing be still or wood instead of concrete block? Wood would be more cost effective….

    1. Can be either, as long as it is not portable. If it gets installed, attached to the ground, floor, walls, etc., then it can be made from any material.

      1. So as long as I attach it to the ground, I can also use a liner..

        Ok, thank you Rabbi that makes life a lot easier…

  2. A pool liner is not a Keli. The main reason is because it is intended to be installed in a pool which is not a portable item. The status of a keli is determined by the planned usage.

    Building a Mikveh should be relatively simple. It should be as easy as building a pool or a large hot tub.

    People unfortunately added restriction upon restrictions over the years. This is incorrect. It causes people to not go to the Mikveh.

    Please post any questions here and I’ll walk you through it.

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