Hi rav Abadi,

Thanks for all you’re doing for us.

The closest mikveh local to us is quite a drive. My son and daughter in law are struggling financially and their car is hanging on by a thread. So travel is a big drain on them.

In adfition, the mikveh that is accessible is barely used and not well maintained, inadequately cleaned, and often very cold. The last time she used it she became ill. To add to the displeasure, a man oversees it, and is always in an adjacent room, which comes across to her as creepy.

Fortunately, having a newborn, she hasn’t needed to mikveh again since her last horror. I also have a couple other daughters who have lured a couple of Jewish men toward farm life.

With this in mind, If there is a way I can affordably provide a mikveh to my girls without breaking the bank, I would very much appreciate any more detailed information you could provide.

Thank you.


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