Hi Rabbi,

When Koshering the oven/stove, you are not supposed to use it for 24 hours before koshering. Can you use the stove to boil water for koshering other utensils/use oven for kosher for passover food during the 24 hour period?

One thought on “Koshering Oven and Stove”
  1. You do not need to kasher the stove at all, Since you do not put the food directly on the stove, but rather you put the food in a pot, and the pot on the stove.

    The same goes for the oven, except that many put food directly on the oven racks, so those need kashering. You can use the oven during the 24 hour waiting period since the oven kashering is Libun and therefore has no waiting period at all.

    The waiting period is for hagallah, which is the boiling water used for pots.

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