Is it assur to heat up matzah in the oven? During Chol HaMoed

Let’s say I want to make a pizza with Matzah and I heat up square commercial matzah for 10-15 minutes.

Would that be considered an extension of the the baking time past 18 minutes, or is it ok because the matzah has already been baked?


Chag Sameach


One thought on “Heating up matzah in the oven”
  1. Even the initial baking of the matzah can take 25 minutes total with the prep time, as long as the matzah was no longer raw at the 18 minute point.
    The clock starts when the flour hits the water and ends when it is no longer raw dough.

  2. Good question.
    There’s no problem doing that. You can bake or cook matzah for as long as you like.

    The 18 minutes is just till it’s sufficiently baked, meaning no longer raw.
    If you like it well done, you can go on as long as you like.

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