Everyone is asking about Zoom Seders. Can we Zoom for the Seder. If you don’t know what that is, ask your children or grandchildren. I barely know myself. Lol.

The concept of using a mobile device or even laptop on Shabbos or Yom Tov has become a major political issue and Halachah seems to have been left out of that debate, so I will avoid the political issue.

Let’s address the important part of it all. We all have someone close to us that is sick. Maybe the symptoms aren’t so bad. Unfortunately, that doesn’t make a difference. If you can cheer them up and help them by Zooming them in for the Seder and getting the whole family in, then by God, you MUST do that.

if you were in their home or in the hospital with them, you would be required to put on the Tv or turn it off.

just as the Rabbis in Israel suggested to leave the phones on, this is similar. Don’t think twice. Have the youngest family member set up the Zoom and enjoy the Seder.

Also, leave your phones on and pick them up if someone you know is calling. Let’s put political halachas aside and take care of our families and friends.
Have a wonderful Pesach.

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