is Vinegar listed as an ingredient OK for Pesach if the item is marked “gluten free”?
or must we send you the item to check

One thought on “Vinegar as ingredient when marked gluten free.”
  1. That’s a bit of a pain in the neck.

    Here’s the general rule. If you’re not sure, then post it.

    “Vinegar” listed plain without distilled or other words, is fine.

    distilled vinegar that is the third ingredient or later on the ingredients panel, is also fine.

    Obviously, wine vinegars, apple cider, etc, are fine.

    If either of the first two ingredients are distilled vinegar, then you want to know the source. Unfortunately, they approve vinegars as gluten free even from wheat.
    I go onto the celiac websites, where they find out the actual source of the vinegar, corn, wheat, apple, etc.

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