on a previous post you said a starbucks caramel machiato is ok on passover for all but ingredients include corn syrup. how is that ok for ashkenazim? similarly would a mocha ice coffee be ok?

One thought on “Starbucks corn syrup q”
  1. Yes. The mocha is ok too.

    Kitniyot is batel in rov. That means it is okay if 51% of a product is not Kitniyot.
    Then you can add to that the fact that corn syrup is a liquid and not similar to flour, which is the purpose of the kitniyot custom, and therefore not a problem. Additionally, corn is not really Kitniyot, as it did not exist in Europe when they created this custom. It was brought from the Americas.
    In any case, I’m sorry that the world does not know these basic things, and they overly restricted these things, which have no beneficial value in our religion.


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