I’ve heard that glass dishes (plates, bowls) can be used for both meat and dairy.  Does this apply to any type of glass dishes (e.g., Corelle, something akin to this), or just plain, transparent glass?  Are there any other material considerations I should keep in mind when buying glass dishes to use for both meat and dairy?

Can the same set of eating utensils (forks/knives/spoons) be used for meat and dairy as well?  (Currently have stainless steel) (And of course not eating meat and dairy at the same time)

Thank you!

By Jael G

One thought on “same plates for meat and dairy?”
  1. You should have a separate set of dishes and silverware for meat and for dairy.
    However, if you run out of one type because you have many guests or because they’re in the dishwasher, then you can use the meat for dairy or vice versa. That goes for all glass or glazed dishes, such as ceramics, china or corelle.
    Silverware is the same when it comes to eating at the table, but not using them in a pot on the fire. In a pot use dairy for dairy and meat for meat.

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