Hi , just saw in older posts that sushi rice in restaurants is a problem for bishul akum, the question is, since we know its made in steam (many times even electric), and its not mevushal by being “boiled” like regular rice, why can’t we rely in the psak of “meushan” (smoked)? since we know halacha allows it and many poskim rule steamed food as the same as smoked for the biskul akum halacha. For example, in the canned tuna fish , one of the concerns is solved that way by the OU


One thought on “Rice Sushi”
  1. Canned tuna solution is ok because it is packaged goods. This is a typical case of justifying something with some rationale years after the fact. All the years prior to that sevara, the reason was because it is packaged goods.

    Sushi rice, whether steamed or boiled is still an issue, but if you have just one safek of anything, it is permitted.

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