In the list includes Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Gluten Free, but these have not been sold in the USA for several years (only Canada it seems), but you include Nature’s Path, which make a Toasted Rice cereal.  Looking at ingredients, is the molasses ok?  Would be great to include these in your list.

Also, Natures Path do an entire kids range called “Envirokidz” and are gluten free, making them seem also ok – that would be a great addition for all of us with kids!!

thank you in advance

2 thoughts on “Rice Krispies for Pesach”
  1. Is Kellogg’s rice crispies k for p?
    Rice sugar salt malt flavor

    Box does not specify gluten free

  2. Molasses is fine.
    Yes, if you check the ingredients, you can use many more items. We deliberately add ingredients to our list to allow you to do your own checking.

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