Why aren’t you concerned about the treif pots and pans being used in non kosher restaurants?

Also why isn’t there a concern regarding onions?

Thank you.

One thought on “Pots in non kosher restaurants”
  1. The halachah says “Stam Keilim Ainum Benei yomam” which means you can assume on a pot that it was not used today for treif and therefore it’s ok. Additionally, we know that between each use of a pot in a restaurant it is properly cleaned with soap that is pogem the bliyot. Meaning the soap removes any flavor of a non-kosher food.
    In regards, to onions, my father never accepted Today’s onions to be the item referred to in the Gemara. We often grab the nearest item to fit a description, so we can move on to the next page. Onions are not a problem. They don’t somehow have magical powers to transfer a flavor more than tomatoes or green peppers.
    At the end of the day, when studying Taaruvot, you will find that it is all logical and rational, it’s all built on the question, can you taste the flavor?
    For example, the idea of batel beshishim is because chachamim say that at that ratio, you cannot taste it. Yet, if it’s much more treif inside, yet you can confirm there’s no taste, it would be ok too. It’s all about the flavor all about what you can taste. If you go to a restaurant today and taste things that don’t belong, anything, get out of that restaurant and call the health dept.

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