People are all asking for alternatives for women who need to go to the Mikveh, but do not want to go to a public Mikveh.
here the answer:
any swimming pool or large jacuzzi can probably work. Here’s what you need to know.
1. Size: the Mikveh needs to be large enough for an average person to fit completely under water at one time. Regular size bathtubs and small jacuzzis wouldn’t work.
2. Water source: while we all think that it must be rainwater, the reality is that you can use a faucet or a garden hose to fill the pool/jacuzzi and it’s perfectly kosher. Some pools are filled from tanks of water or trucks carrying water. Those can be a problem. The key is the first initial filling of the pool. Figure about the first 70 gallons. Was that from a faucet or a hose? If yes, the pool/jacuzzi is kosher as a regular Mikveh.
find a friend or relative with a pool or jacuzzi and you’re good.

if it’s in a slightly open area, you can certainly wear a typical bathing suit. Technically, you can go in the Mikveh fully dressed.

these rules apply to anytime, and are not limited to times like this.
these are very clear laws written in The Halachah clearly. Unfortunately, most don’t know about this.
if you have any further questions, feel free to email, if you’re not comfortable posting.