Is Hellman’s Mayonnaise with olive oil kosher for Pesach?

Are there any year round French dressings kosher for P?

what about Rubinstein canned salmon

what about Carey’s sugar free syrup or some kind of maple syrup kosher for P


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  1. Rubinstein salmon:red salmon and salt(canned) Hellman’s Mayo with olive oil:water,soybean oil , olive oil,whole eggs, modified potato starch ,sugar, distilled vinegar, salt, lemon juice concentrate , sorbitol acid and calcium disodium edta(used to preserve quality) natural flavor paprika extract
    Carey’s syrup: water sorbitol cellulose gum, natural and artificial flavors , salt
    caramel color, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, sucrolose, phosphoric acid,acesulfane potassium ,aspartame,citric acid,
    phenylketonurics,contains phenylalanine.
    Will get back to you about French dressing; Is Dannon VANILLA yogurt kosher year round OK for Pesach ?
    Thank you for your wonderful work Have a kosher joyous and DEEP Pesach!

    1. One error in Mayo it’s not sorbitol acid it’s sorbic acid Phone made mistake

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