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Can you tell me if this product and line of products are able to be eaten without a certification? They are a Whole Food, Plant Based company and state that they use no animal ingredients or oils as it violates the WFPD diet.

LeafSide – Creamy Forest Mushroom Savory-Bowl

Full Ingredients: organic cashews, organic oats, lentils, organic quinoa, organic nutritional yeast, organic sunflower seeds, organic hemp seeds, peas, organic flaxseeds, organic crimini mushrooms, organic white onions, organic kale, organic porcini mushrooms, organic lemon, organic spinach, organic smoked paprika, garlic, organic miso, organic rosemary, turmeric, organic black pepper, organic mustard seeds, organic fennel, herbs & spices, B12

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One thought on “LeafSide – Whole Food Plant Based”
  1. Kosher.

    Any product that is advertised as vegan or vegetarian is fine, other than wines and certain cheeses (see cheeses on our year round kashrut list)

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