Are the following kforP

Avacado oil if the only ingredient is avacado oil

trader joes organic cocoa powder. Ingredient :cocoa powder

is braggs apple cider vinegar ok?

which brands of : pure vanilla  extract, flax seed meal,and coconut sugar are kosher for Passover?

By J H

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  1. Thank you
    So bragg Apple cider vinegar which ingredients are organic apple cider vinegar and water are ok?

    Baking soda that only has sodium bicarbonate usp ok?
    Baking powder mono calcium phosphate , sodium bicarbonate and cornstarch ok?
    Coconut sugar that only has coconut sugar ok?

  2. Anything with simple ingredients that you’re familiar with and you know it’s sourcd are fine.
    Items with alcohol can be a problem if wheat or barley based alcohol. Find out the source of the alcohol and it’s fine.
    Beware that even though it says gluten free, the alcohol can be wheat based, as many believe the gluten is removed during processing.

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