quick question 3/24 you had mentioned the grey poupon might be an issue but 4/5 you had mentioned OK 

can you clarify 

sorry for the confusion.

both are the same brand grey poupon

2 thoughts on “grey poupon dijon mustard”
  1. I only saw this post now- and have 3 new bottles. May I put them in a drawer with non-pesach items and eat after chag OR must I throw it out now?

  2. The grey poupon mustards listed have different ingredients.
    The ones that I said may be a problem are the ones with “distilled white vinegar” as the first or second ingredient. That can be from grain.
    This Happens a lot where the ingredients differ on a product. Sometimes it is in different regions and sometimes it is a change being made and some have the new ingredients while others still have the old.

    So check your grey poupon and see if it has just plain “vinegar” listed or if it says “distilled white vinegar”
    Plain vinegar one would be ok. Unless someone posted the wrong ingredients or brand by mistake.

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