Everyone asks about gelatin, how can you say that products are kosher if they contain gelatin?!
The answer is that although today’s kashrut industry policies consider gelatin a problem since its usually made from meat, in truth and from Halacha it’s not a problem. There’s a famous ruling from the Achiezer (RAV Chaim Ozer ) that gelatin is fine. Gelatin today is rendered inedible during the processing and therefore it is not a problem. Even those that disagree with the Achiezer would have to agree here. We tested multiple samples and confirmed this through a thorough process.
Hilchot Taaruvot requires flavor that adds a good flavor to the food that is in question. If it provides a bad flavor, even though you certainly taste it, it doesn’t render it non-kosher. That is referred to as noten taam lifgam. Even more lenient is when the mixed in item is completely inedible. In the latter case, you can deliberately mix it into the food or even eat it straight out. That is called aino rauy le’achilah.
For those who want to delve into this further, I highly recommend that you study hilchot taaruvot in its entirety. At a bare minimum, learn Tur, Beit Yosef, Shulchan Aruch, and the noseh keilim there. Unfortunately, there aren’t any shortcuts that would work.