I became aware today of this technology www.mori.com/technology It is described as an edible protective layer, based on silk proteins. I am aware that edible film manufacturers are usually eager to obtain Kosher certification, even when they operate in regions without a significant Kosher consumer market segment, but this was not mentioned in their infomercial presentation.

Is this a potential problem? The consumer can hardly check the brand of the edible film, short of limiting ourselves to purchasing peelable fruits.

Thank you for the website

2 thoughts on “food coating (mori.com)”
  1. It is not a problem.
    In order to be a problem, if made from meat or not kosher fish, it would have to actually have the flavor of that not kosher meat or fish.
    Try to imagine selling fruit or something with a flavor of meat.
    Ignore it. It is fine.

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