Hi i know by the Tshuva by the fridge light the Rav says that Electricity is Safek Mdoriysa Safek Mdrabunan.

so i want to jnow if this safek is only where it plugs into the wall? Or if it comes from a battery (like a phone,laptop, etc.) is it Mdrabanan forsure?


One thought on “Electricity from battery”
  1. It’s not clearly mide’orayta (from the Torah) as we have 39 Melachot, not 40. We do not say that it is permitted straight out, but if done with a shinui or through a non-Jew, it would be maximum a Shvut de’Shvut and thus treated as such.
    So, for example, as is customary, we all go on an elevator if a non-Jew pushes the button for us. This is the standard at any typical Pesach program. The exact same scenario would apply if we ourselves push the same button with our elbow. Either way, it’s a shvut, de’Shvut.
    As you rightly alluded to, battery items would seem to be even less of an issue.
    But again, we don’t propose that you use electricity or battery items. We are just saying that it does not seem to be De’Orayta, and therefore should not be treated as such.

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