Can I kasher a dishwasher for pesach? If so how? Could I use the dishwasher to kasher my dishes for pesach, since it gets very very hot? 

Thank you!

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  1. Hi Rabbi,

    I’ve never heard this before. I was told that it has to do with the material of the item, but that usually for anything stainless steel you wait for 24 hrs without using it, then dip it into a boiling pot or make sure the boiling water touches all sides. I was going to do this for most of my items and just need clarification. Thank you!

    1. I don’t understand the confusion. I was asked about specific items how to kasher them. I answered. We have a guide to kashering on this website under JEWISH law section. It’s the only laws posted so far.
      Many items have different ways to kasher them. I’m not sure what you’d like to hear from me.

      1. Ceramic does not require kashering.
        Non-stick pans … if you mean frying pans, then put them on the stove for several minutes with the flame on and nothing in the pan, until the get good and hot.
        If they’re baking pans, put them in the oven on high for thirty minutes.

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