I am expecting a delivery of hametz (Oat milk), that I ordered a few weeks ago and forgot about. When it arrives do I need to throw it out or can I put it aside with the hametz that I sold? (I can’t refuse the delivery unless I am actually outside when UPS comes bc they will just leave on the porch without ringing the bell)

Thank you!

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  1. Oats is not Chametz. We don’t approve of products with oats, because most people believe it is one of 5 types of grain, but check out our FAQ and you will see that it is not.
    So, just put the oat milk away till after Pesach and enjoy.

    If there was an actual delivery of bread on Pesach, just put it in your trash outside. No need to panic. If it arrives on the Chag itself or on Shabbat, leave it where it is in the box, and put it in your trash container after the Chag or after Shabbat.

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