Is chadash bchutz laaretz mutar? If so, is there still value in being machmir to take into account those of the position that it is assur?

If it’s assur (or one wished to be machmir), how would one go about observing the prohibition in parts of America where products certified as yoshon are not available?


One thought on “Chadash b’chutz laaretz”
  1. We tried keeping Yoshon in America in the 1970’s, as there was a lot of research and data. We believed that we knew what was Yoshon and what was Chadash. After doing our own research, we realized that the information is inaccurate. The codes on the products are not real. The companies have no reason to care. There is no agency or even reason to keep them in line.

    Therefore, it reverts back to the basic Halachah, which in this case makes it a sefek-sefeka that is Ee efshar livrurey bekal, and is completely muttar.
    So, please enjoy all the kosher products in your supermarket and don’t waste your time with this.

    Chumrahs are not allowed and cause major damage. Before doing any extra credits, I would recommend reading Mesilat Yesharim that describes a sequential process that brings you to a level where you actually can add. But that is unique to each person and only after many steps. Adding without the proper prerequisites is against our religion.


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