Dear Rav,

You year-round list says, “All 100% Beer is OK.” However, when I look up various lists by major kashrut agencies, they have a list of brands to avoid.

One particular example was Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, where one site said it was because of chameitz she’avar alav happesach. Is this a valid concern?

And are there issues with purchasing from a local microbrewery, as long as you avoid grape-derived flavorings and milk-derived flavorings?

One final question: beers that are flavored with seemingly-neutral ingredients, like spices, pareve chocolate, or fruit; do they need hashgachah or no?

Thank you so much,


One thought on “Beer–Microbreweries and Hashgachot”
  1. Thank you for that info.
    Ignore it all.
    All beer is fine.
    Chametz Sheavar alav haPesach is derabanan and the max that you have is a safek. So it is fine.

    Grape juice is not a problem.
    Milk flavored ingredients are kosher and not common if exist at all.

    All beer is fine.


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