There two websites posting about Pesach Kashrut.  What is the deal?  (edited)

One thought on “2 websites posting about Passover”
  1. I prefer not to address this issue extensively, as it’s not my usual approach. I’ll briefly respond now, but in the future, I’ll steer clear of similar questions.

    Everyone has the freedom to create a website if they wish.

    I only endorse and don’t recommend any other sites.

    I’ve been running this site for over forty years. Feel free to visit any website you like.

    Please refrain from referencing other kashrut sites in your questions. I won’t verify their content, nor will I criticize them.

    As a nearly sixty-year-old trained Rabbi, I’ve studied and posted content here in accordance with the teachings of my well-known father, Rabbi Yitzhak Abadi. Some people misunderstand his views, often making them stricter than they actually are. Our goal with this website is to provide accurate guidance on Jewish law to help people practice without unnecessary stress.

    I’ll be updating and expanding the website soon, covering various aspects of Jewish law beyond just Pesach. We’ll also be launching a podcast discussing different Jewish topics. Stay tuned for more updates, and you’ll find all the information you need to practice Judaism faithfully and understand its significance.

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