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We are pleased to introduce to you a breakthrough in the mitzvah of writing a Sefer Torah. Please follow through the links to the left to find out more on this incredible innovation

Sefer Torahs of the 20th Century

  • Until now, when a person or a Shul would look into buying a Sefer Torah, it was a long arduous journey. First, prominent “Soferim” (scribes) would be interviewed, to find just the right person for the job. Each Sofer has a different handwriting, and the purchaser has his own expectations. The process usually takes at least a year, with many complications along the way.

  • The Torahs vary in price from about $30,000.00 to over $60,000.00. This is clearly out of the reach of most private people and even many shuls. The one who buys the $30,000 Sefer must be prepared to live with a much lesser quality Sefer than the $60,000 one. Additionally, Teffilen & Mezuzot are also priced very high. The average “Baal Teshuva” has a very difficult time accepting these prices, and it certainly will affect their decision to join the faith.

  • Unfortunately, many of our aged Sifrei Torah have brown letters and even missing or cracked letters and words from years of use. All too often, we disrupt our Torah reading due to corrections needed. When the prices are so high, we have no choice but to use any and every Sefer Torah available.

  • The Halachah states that every man should write his own Sefer Torah. Until now this commandment was almost impossible to achieve…
Sefer Torahs by Silk Screening

A new process was created to tackle an old problem. The Sofer starts by purchasing some of the highest quality “Klaf” (parchment). The Klaf is checked, tested, and cut to size. The “Sirtut” (engraved lines) is scored to the exact depth, thickness, height, and length. Silk screens are created with the exact lettering. Computers are utilized to achieve a perfectly balanced page using proportionate letters. No need for elongated or squished letters to reach the end of the line. The screens are placed on top of the Klaf in an exact position to meet the Sirtut. The Sofer then puts ink on the screen, and applies the ink by hand passing a squeegee across the Klaf. In a matter of seconds this Klaf has a full page written perfectly. The page is then dried. After the pages are all written, they are sewed properly and the new Torah scroll is ready to use. This is a combination of many patented and patent pending processes.


This project is completely under the auspices of Rabbi Yitzchak Abadi, originally of Lakewood, NJ and currently living in Har Nof, Jerusalem, Israel. Rabbi Abadi was the Posek in Lakewood for years and many of his students are Rabbis across the globe. The Rav has thoroughly reviewed every aspect of this process and declared it Kosher for “Mehadrin Min Hamehadrin.” The ability to control the perfection of the writing makes it a better choice than conventional Sifrei Torah. Many prominent Rabbis were consulted and were thrilled with the idea. When they were able to view an actual sample they agreed to the high quality and the Kashrut of this type of Sefer Torah. All writing will be done by hand by a prominent Rabbi and Sofer.
  • Now every person can have his own Sefer Torah!
  • Highest quality Seforim & Megilot are now affordable to all.
  • The writing is one of the finest available in the world.
  • Sifrei Torah can be written with special requirements to accommodate the different styles of writing.
  • Two different sizes are available, including smaller more portable Sifrei Torah.
  • With this technology, smaller sizes are as accurate and clear as the larger ones.
  • Sifrei Torah will take just a few months from start to finish
  • The cost will be less than ever imagined.
  • Financing will be made available to make the purchase even easier.
We have Sifrei Torahs available now in 2 sizes. The larger size 15" klaf  Sefer Torah cost $18,000. The smaller mini Personal Sefer Torahs which are 9" tall is currently in the process of being made. We are taking orders for the small Torahs. They cost only $10,000. Contact us via email if you wish to place an order. Our goal is to accommodate the demand and to allow anyone who desires a Sefer Torah, to be capable of purchasing one.


Aaron Abadi
Rabbi Yosef Tesler

Sefer Torah Project
c/o Cong. Ohel Torah
P.O. Box # 385
Cedarhurst, NY 11516
Phone (516) 569-5211 x 123
Fax (516) 908-3817

View Photos Of Rabbi Abadi and Rabbi Tesler writing a megila

View an actual page of the ktav of the megila

View 2 contrasting sizes available.

View actual page of the Torah.