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Our Mission

Our Kosher Foods Database

We research all kinds of food—even items without labels—in order to make sure that they fall in line with Jewish law. We look up the ingredients, call and email companies, and do everything we can to determine whether or not they're certifiably kosher. We even have a Q&A page, where you can directly ask a rabbi any questions you have regarding kosher foods.

Pesach (Passover) Kosher Food List

Though we're happy to help year-round, our primary service is creating the Passover list. Kosher certification is not required by Jewish law. However, Jewish law dictates that we consume only kosher foods. In order to help people follow this law, we take products that are not necessarily certified and find out if they're kosher.

In compiling this list, we pull our resources—including allergen lists, ingredient lists, and FDA requirements—to create the most comprehensive database of kosher foods possible. Once completed, our list saves you time, not to mention the money you would ordinarily spend on pricey, officially certified foods. Our Passover list is available online for a suggested $5 donation.