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Author:  Noach Fox
E-mail:  moneychest@aol.com
Date:  12/15/2004 7:07:00 PM
Subject:  Lubavitch
Message:  Rabbi you answered well and to the point, you state the facts as they are and you deserve credit for your responce. It was fair and honest. You even sound like a Shtikel Chosid LOL

May we all merit to Moshiach and untill then may we all be healthyand have Parnosah and be Erliche Yiden

R. Noach Fox

And by the way I have Smicha and Dayonis and Shimush and am Chabad. And my Smicha is worth something it was signed by Rabbis Hirshprung ( with whom I learned 2 years together ) and Rabbis Eberg and Rabbi Liebes and Rabbi Gruenberg the Kaizmarker Rov. OBM

Reply:  Thank you for your comments. I met Rabbi Hirschprung several times in Montreal and was very impressed.
Stick to your views.

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