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Author:  Ss
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Date:  12/14/2004 11:13:00 AM
Subject:  Hot Water
Message:  I did an experiment. My hot water is usually set around 140 degrees. I turned it down and it took at least 4-5 hours before it was under 125 degrees. I think therefore that it is a good idea to run the hot water before Shabbat about 15 minutes. Certainly, AA's suggestion that you can lower it a short while before Shabbat doesn't work on my hot water heater.
Reply:  Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes your hot water is at 140 and often it is at 110. After 15 minutes you are already in a strong enough Safek, not to have to worry about it. It is very probable that even if it were at a high heat it would be OK.

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