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Author:  mvakaishhaemes
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Date:  12/13/2004 1:20:00 PM
Subject:  kitel
Message:  Im 100% sure ive seen this idea of wearing a kitel under the chuppah brought down and i dont recall where it is. I understand you didnt wear one but if there is a true mekor which i believe it is, as I mentioned, why would you imply its not a problem for one to refrain if it is his minhag. Much of klal yisroel is also noheg to follow this minhag so do you know what the source is ? If you dont know I guess I can find it some other way.    thank you in advance.
Reply:  The coat over the Kittel is in order not to see the Kittel. In reality it was started in a place where the jacket was a long jacket, like the Rabbinical garb today or Chassidic jacket. All they did was slip under it thei thin Kittel. It made some sense. Now it's downright funny. I am certain that no one meant for you to wear your winter coat at your wedding. If this was not the custom, and there was someone who came to his wedding in a coat, they would call the men in the white coats and take him away. Try wearing a blue scarf or large boots. See if that works.

It is interesting to note that although amost all Ashkenazy men wear a Kittel to their wedding, not all keep Hilchot Nidah (the laws of Nidah).

The source is from the "Kol Bo" in Siman #75. He writes that you should wear a white Talit, as it says in Kohelet, (loose translation) " always your clothes should be white." Sephardim wear the white Talit.

Ashkenazim? Hmm? I don't know....

They do it to remind you of the day we die and wear the Kittel permanently. If that doesn't bring us to do Teshuva (repent), what benefit do we get from wearing it.

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