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Author:  Moshe
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Date:  12/8/2004 2:00:00 AM
Subject:  re: Lubavitch
Message:  I don't know what Mr. Weisglus is referring to, The Lubavitcher Rebbe never issued a Kuntres called "Besuras Hageulah" I assume it is one of the Moshiach publications, who usually mix their own ideologies interspersed with various snippets of Sichos, to give them some credibilty, so ask this guy to also fax the cover page.
The Rebbe mentioned many times the Rambam that Moshiach will first come to Tveria etc. and I don't even think he meant it as a halacha, just as a wish and desire that he come.
What the Rebbe did say is that every Bais Hamidrash (Bais Rabbeinu shebebavel) will also go to yerushalayim or Israel, when Moshiach Comes.
I'm sick of the hate and divisiveness, let Moshiach come already and restore our mutual love and unity.
Reply:  Amen! But if only we can do it ourselves, Moshiach will certainly show up... Now what?

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