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Author:  Yitzchok
E-mail:  yhl65@yahoo.com
Date:  12/7/2004 1:03:00 PM
Subject:  Guns, butter, and AA
Message:  I think you missed my point. I am upset that people no longer trust a home like mine because of my quoting and respect for your father. Your father is certainly learned and an accomplished Torah giant. Your entire site, however, seems to be a Rebbitzen-like site, where you claim to have learned through the Talmud, tur, etc. yet you do not show it. Not once is there a a demonstration of a thorough grasp of anything, if anything half of the time you reverse yourselves, make collosal blunders that you later reverse, contradict yourselves between AA and CYA, etc. It seems that the gun-toting AA eats at non-kosher places even though his father told him not to, has a TV even though his father disagrees with it, CYA seems to live in Lakewood even though AA trashes it, etc.

But my point is that your father's opinions can never be seriously presented in any intelligent circles anymore by virtue of this website. Your snappish answers, radical positions. I mentioned some of his opinions that I saw on this website only to be laughed off.

So you answer that this is only a forum for those who want answers not for people who need sources, but you have created a division among Jewish people. Now R. Abadi people are suspected of eating at non-kosher restaraunts, buying questionable products, etc. and the whey position? Yes its not dairy, this guy Ramanajun seems to have asked you about it respectfully, since the poskim clearly label it milchigs, and yet you still give no sources. Forgive me, but I don't think you asked your father on that one, and you are going half-cocked on your own.. which is the source of the problem anyway..

What I am suggesting is then to go back to what your father was all about, intelligent, reasoned, well-documented straight halacha, removed from FRUMIE agendas, just the truth but based on real learning and not this Rebbitzen type excuse for psak halacha which you are now leisurely spouting.. No sources, but no need, anyone who dares question my sagacity is an impudent infidel..
No sir, we are not. We are highly respectful of your father, and we beg the son who has steered woefully off-course to get back to what his holy father was all about...
Reply:  If you were right, then I am in the wrong. If you are incorrect, then you owe me a public apology. Call my father and find out. Sure, it is more cozy for you to feel that your way of life is fine and no need to change anything. AA is the crazy one.
But maybe you are wrong. Find out.

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