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Author:  Mordechai
E-mail:  mergas@netline.cl
Date:  12/4/2004 10:02:00 PM
Subject:  Wigs
Message:  My wife does cover her hair but there are some times when, for kiruv rechokim activities, she wears a wig to appear "more friendly".

Is there any sepharadic authority that would allow the use of wigs for kiruv rechokim reasons? who would they be and on what would they base their opinion?

Thanks a lot.
Reply:  Yes. Not just for Kiruv Rechokim, but for all reasons. There is a Teshuva (Responsa) in Sefer Ohr Yitzchak, who is a contemporary Sephardic Talmid Chacham, on this very issue.

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