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Author:  Just wondering
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Date:  12/2/2004 9:02:00 AM
Subject:  Straight-Jacket Judaism
Message:  I just read there is a new credit card, put out by a Jewish bank, that can't be used on Shabbat and can only be used at businesses that are Shabbat Observant.

On the face this looks like a good idea, but it made me wonder . . .

When we limit our choices so narrowly that we no longer need to know the law, is our credit for the mitzvah lessened? Is learning less important?

It seems to me that the point of following the law is the fact that we must choose to follow it every day, every minute, every second. When we eliminate our choices so narrowly that we no longer need to decide whether to follow or not follow the law, is that a good thing?

Does Rabbi Abadi think that much of this "Straight Jacket Judaism" threatens learning and Judaism in general, or does he think that such technologically advanced additions to our life, like a Shomer Shabbat credit card, make it easier to be a Mitzvot observant Jew?
Reply:  I don't understand the benefits. If a person goes shopping on Shabbat, will they not use a Visa or American Express?
"Straight Jacket Judaism" is never a good thing.

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