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Author:  hr
E-mail:  ramanujan@verizon.net
Date:  11/30/2004 7:46:00 AM
Subject:  How You Differ
Message:  When studying talmudic passages many rabbis study the differences between opinions. I think that you differ from the ou and ok in the following way:
You have different definitions of what is inedible. It seems that if something has no taste at all, or a slightly poor taste, you define that as inedible, They disagree with you. You have said that whey, cassien, and many other items are inedible. I am told that the Talmud and shulchan aruch disagrees with you on whey and says that it is dairy.

Since you are smart people this leaves the possibility that you disagree with the identifcation or that you feel tastes now have changed from the time of the shulchan aruch or that the processing is different now..

My questions that I am asking now (to both you at kashrut,org and to the other groups) are:

1] How do you define inedible?
2] do you have sources for your definitions of how you define inedible.

3] Are there degrees of inedibility? Where and when do they come into play?
4] Do you have a category of safaik inedible too? 5] How do you treat this halachically?
Reply:  Shulchan Aruch defines inedible. The Talmud defines inedible. There are various cases where it is brought down.
Look through Hilchot Taaruvot and Basar Bechalav.
The OU & others don't necessarily define inedible differently. They just take the easy way out. Rather than learn the Halachah, they just don't allow anything to be labeled Pareve that might have some dairy derivative.
I don't have the time to debate them, nor to debate you. You are welcome to follow their opinions. I need to concentrate my time on people who have questions. What benefit would I have from convincing you that these items are not dairy?

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