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Author:  Yaakov
E-mail:  abbagene42@aol.com
Date:  11/29/2004 4:22:00 PM
Subject:  Clarification
Message:  I believe it was Howard who questioned your comments regarding Shatnez today. He misquoted you, suggesting that you are lenient on a "safek d'oraita", and you let his misquote stand. Your original quote to AR re: Shaatnez was "chances of having shaatnez in a garment is at most a Safek DeRabanan or Safek-Sefeka D'Oraita". This is quite different from a Safek D'Oraita.

As usual I am in awe of your depth of knowledge, and the clarity with which you give it over.

I can't wait to get Rav Abadi's sefer "Ohr Yitzchok" from you through my son Yoni.
Reply:  Thank you!
I have been hearing about you...

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