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Author:  SS
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Date:  11/29/2004 7:44:00 AM
Subject:  Shabbat coffee
Message:  You have stated that there is no problem with paying Starbucks before Shabbat and coming in on Shabbat to get your coffee. But are you really comfortable if someone does this? Isn't it an uvda de-chol to do so, and to sit with all the non-Jews and non-religious Jews who are there drinking their coffee. It just doesn't seem like a Shabbat spirit, and we are also supposed to cultivate that (in addition to not violating the negative commandments regarding Shabbat).
Reply:  Interesting! So if I were at a "Bar Mitzvah weekend," and there were many guests at the hotel that were not observant Jews, should I not drink coffee nor eat breakfast there?

Isn't having a catered affair or going away to a Hotel for Pesach the same thing or worse?

You know what is not much of a Shabbat spirit? When people carry in the street without really knowing who or how is their an Eiruv. People who are overdosing on restrictions, especially putting them onto everyone around them. That really kills my Shabbat spirit. Women who just have to put on all types of makeup on Shabbat are certainly in the Shabbat spirit.

But with all that, I do hear your complaint. I don't see myself going to Starbucks on Shabbat, but I am not going to force my lifestyle on others. Some people need different things than others. What if you ran out of diapers on Yom Tov (a Holiday), would you not go to a local store that trusts you to pay after the holiday and bring home another box of diapers?

We need to diffrentiate between laws and what we "feel" is right or wrong.

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