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Author:  Howard
E-mail:  hmweisws@hotmail.com
Date:  11/28/2004 9:54:00 PM
Subject:  Zohar
Message:  Please illuminate me. In your replies re Shavers etc. you rip into the guy based on a Zohar that if one says the wrong Halacha he brings destruction, pretty heavy stuff, (242 vs. 242 etc.) Yet in your Fathers responsa, the first one, he seems to say, contrary to the Zohar - mentioned also there, that one need not wash Netilat Yadaim before walking four amos in the AM? basing this on, among others a Psak from Rabbi A. Kotler, Maybe Rabbi Kotler didn't care about the Zohar?
Also, Am I understanding you properly? You are paskening, that a mixture of wool and linen in a suit, even not woven together, Is "only" a Safek D'oraita, and thats not a reason to at least check?
A safek D'oraita seems pretty serious to me, many accepted chumros in accepted Tshvos are based on a Chsash D'oraita.
2) Although I agree with you 1000% re the rip-off and Shanda of todays hechsheirim, many of these Rav Hamachshirs are literally multi millionaires, while strugelling families need to pay so much more for kosher, Nevertheless you're not fair nor correct re Shatnez, The modern shatnez checker Mr. Rosenberg A"H was a Tzadik who checked for pennies or free for yeshiva boys, I recall him coming to yeshivos to speak about shatnez, In NY at the big stores you can get Shatnez check for free, in the big cities The shatnez guy is usually a Lishma type volunteer who charges a few bucks to check, hardly a rip off.
Finally, and sorry for the lengthy message, I came here late,and I must've missed something,whats your beef with Artscroll?
Kol Tuv - and hey you don't owe me anything, so Mucho Gracias!
Reply:  It is customary to begin studying Torah with a comical note....

In that spirit I will say that if you want to be illuminated, put your fingers in the socket!

Now to your issues..
We don't necessarily follow every opinion in Zohar. The Zohar was written by Rav Shimon Bar Yochai and just like we don't always follow every opinion of his in the Mishnah, the same goes for the Zohar. The statement that I quoted from the Zohar is a universally accepted opinion. It is in the Ramba"m and in Shulchan Aruch. Would you suggest that if in certain areas we don't follow the decisions of the Chazon Ish, should we write him off completely? There is a system to how Torah and the laws work.

Rabbi Aaron Kotler had full respect for Zohar as did his Rebbi and all the way back to Rabbi Yosef Kairo and Rabbi Moshe Iserlish.

The Halachah has clear instructions as to how to treat a Safek De"oRaita. "Kol HaPatur MiDavar Ve'Osaihu Nikrah Hedyot." "Lo Day LeCha Mah She'Asrah Torah...?" and "Kol Hamosif Gorea." In short, this is exactly why people shouldn't be determining Jewish Law without the proper qualifications. You can't just grab things here and there and make it Halachah. We call it a "Cholent."

"The modern shatnez checker Mr. Rosenberg A"H was a Tzadik"

I don't know him and I am not passing judgment on people. One thing that is clear is that the Halachah is the deciding factor, not an organization or Tzaddik, or whomever...

A "Lishma type!"

This means a type that does things for God. For the Mitzvah. This is a major misconception. We all have a Bechirah, the need and the ability to choose between doing what is right and what is wrong. Being super Yeshivish or something does not take away that choice. A guy in blue jeans can be a "Lishma" guy, if he wants to, and a person born a certain type will not be doing it Lishmah unless he formally makes that choice.

Halachah is the only thing God has in his 4 Amot. The only way to succeed in this world in the control of a person's character is to follow the Law to the letter. There is nothing else that can replace this.

A Tzaddik is one who follows the laws of the Torah. If a person is pious, sweet, and wonderful, but he/she does not follow the laws of the Torah, then he/she is not a Tzaddik, and not necessarily a good person. You often have people that are nice by nature, but they can also be nice to a terrorist... There are rules that we must follow even though they go against our nature, and if we stick to these Laws through thick and thin, we will have succeeded.

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