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Author:  JJ
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Date:  11/28/2004 11:15:00 AM
Subject:  Chanukka
Message:  Two quick questions:

1) Your halacha section seems to imply there is not even a preference to light at sunset/tset hacochavim nowadays. Is this correct?

2) Nowadays, when we don't live in sakana, why isn't it better to light the candles outside. I have heard that in Israel this is a common minhag.
Reply:  1) Incorrect! It is preferable to light later, when everone is home from work & school.

2) The Rabbis switched the location of the lighting from outside to inside, because of the dangers in those times of practicing the Jewish religion. The change was not rescinded. We cannot do it on our own. Many times people light it outside in a way that they did not properly fulfill the Mitzvah (Commandment). This common Minhag in Israel is relatively recent. Beware of new "common customs."

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