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Author:  JJ
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Date:  11/28/2004 11:13:00 AM
Subject:  Shaatnez
Message:  In the past, you had said that the need to check for shaatnez was dependent on the nature of the garment in question, and that specific research should be done on each type. Has your father's position on this on this changed?

Also, aren't there a lot of major rishonim that hold that even if shaatnez is only created at the weaving stage, it is still assur?
Reply:  1) We did research in general. This was the opinion for a while, but possibly not yet for public consumption. Now it is...

2) Yes. There are Rishonim (early Rabbis) that do not require all 3, Shua, Tovi, & Nuz, to be together.

(whoever does not understand the following should not worry. It is not required reading. Just go on to the next post.)
So the way it works is that if there is no definitive decision amongst the Rishonim or early Acharonim, such a Machloket is treated as a "Safek" De'Oraita. That is when you do know for certain that Shaatnez of this kind exists. When you don't know if such Shaatnez exists in this garment at all, then you have either a Safek-Sefeka or a Safek DeRabanan. Either way it is OK.

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