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Author:  Abbie
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Date:  11/26/2004 9:39:00 AM
Subject:  Schools
Message:  AA Wrote:
What kind of crazy society rewards the few children in the class for being born smart, and gives the rest of the children the worst inferiority complex imaginable. I can elaborate for hours, but we all know this. No one is prepared to do anything. "You can't change the world."

The sad thing is that its not like the rewarded smart children turn out great either. They ask very deep questions that teachers are not trained to answer or are scared to answer in front of the class for some unfathomable reason. I could go on and on for hours but i don't want to bore everyone. However- what are we going to do about the yeshiva/ bais yakov school system today?? It's so obvious why mashiach isnt here but the ppl who want to change the system have no "power" in the mafia that runs our society.
Anyway, not really needing a response- I know how you all feel about this. Just venting... thanks :)

Reply:  I hear ya!

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