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Author:  BW
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Date:  11/25/2004 9:07:00 AM
Subject:  halacha berurah
Message:  I don't understand you. You always say get yourself a rav and follow everything he says. Yet when someone does just that and his rav says that ceratin shavers are assur and some aren't( yes, face it, there are many qualified rabbonim who say this, rav moshe was mesupak about certain shavers, obviously the rule you gave is not so clear cut) and you lash out at the poor guy. Nothing in that sefer is written without being looked at by poskim, evrything written in the sefer has sources. While you have the full right to disagree, but to call it halicha araurah?!
Reply:  For those who are not following, this Question is in response to a previous post. Here is that post:

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Message: Is this type of electric shaver ok, here's a site on the subject.
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Reply: What a comedy show!

All Electric Shavers are OK. If one were not OK, they would all be a problem. There is only one category, "Misparayim Ke'En Taar." The juggling of the opinions in this article is bordering on the absurd. This is not a thesis in Touro College.

These people don't understand the first thing about Halachah (Jewish Law). Halachah is not a game and cannot be played with by amateurs. The Zohar writes in the Hakdamah that those who present Jewish Law without being qualified are the main cause for the massacres of Jewish people in our history. (Take a minute to swallow that). Did he mean this could have been a cause for the Holocaust Yes, which is exactly what he says. So buying a German car is not as bad as presenting Jewish Law improperly?! Hmmm.

That site should be shut down and they should all be sent to Singapore for a good caning....

Ok here is a strange coincidence. The writer of that article is Ephraim Elli Bohm.

As it says, "KosherShaver would like to thank the editorial staff (Ephraim Elli Bohm; Publisher, Author / Yitzchok Hisiger; English Editor) at Halacha Berurah for giving us permission to publish this material on our website."

I saw his book that he wrote, Halachah Berurah. It should be called, "Halichah Arura."

In it he thanks his Rebbi, Rabbi Simcha Rosenblatt for his help or whatever. Rabbi Simi's Rebbi is my father, Rabbi Yitzchak Abadi. Somehow, a student of my father has a student who can write Halachah without the knowledge required nor the fear of the consequences of such an act.

Rabbi Rosenblatt,
Did you tell this guy not to write such a book? Time to call your Rebbi and figure out how to correct such a mess. And check out that Zohar. It ought to clarify the severity of these type things.

Love always,
Aaroni Abadi (aka AA)



There is a disease in this generation that people like to write books on Halachah. It says "Kol She'Aino RaUy LeHora'ah UMoreh Harey Zeh Rashah Shoteh VeGass HaRuach." (Loose translation) Anyone who is not qualified to determine Jewish Laws yet he does, is a Sinner, a fool, and an egotist. This is from the Talmud and is brought down in the Rambam and in Shulchan Aruch.

This is not a simple concept. This is very dangerous. You may not realize how dangerous it is. But why not look into it. As I mentioned, the Zohar explains that it is the cause of all the massacres in Jewish History.

"...you lash out at the poor guy."
If there is a chance that the "poor guy" is possibly going to cause a massacre, should I be quiet? Should you be quiet?

Now you will say, "Nothing in that sefer is written without being looked at by poskim, everything written in the sefer has sources..."

It isn't very complicated. We have Laws. Let's open the Talmud and the books of Law AKA the Shulchan Aruch, and see what is described as permitted and what is not. We should all stop fabricating laws and making our own decisions as to where something does or does not apply. Enough has been written on the subject.

The Shulchan Aruch says that even telling the Law to family members is considered "Horaah," (deciding Jewish Law) and the person must be qualified, and cannot say it if his Teacher is alive and did not authorize him. Look at Yoreh Deah #242:13. I think that the UN Resolution #242, was our punishment for not keeping Yoreh Deah #242.

The Shulchan Aruch quotes the Rambam who says, "and the young students who are jumping to Pasken (decide Jewish Law) and to sit at the head to elevate themselves amongst the people, these men create a lot of fighting, they destroy the world, and they extinguish the light of the Torah..." (Loose translation).

Was it an over reaction? Did they get carried away here? How can it be so bad? Come on!

Let me try to explain a bit. The Zohar in his Hakdamah (Preface) explains some of the wondrous and unbelievable results caused in the real world, the spiritual world, when a person studies Torah and does Mitzvot (good deeds). Then he says that on the reverse, the cause of inaccurate or unauthorized Torah statements clearly will have a severe negative impact to the world. We don't know how these things work, but we do know that our actions on this planet cause things in the spiritual world that then affect us here on this earth. Imagine the spiritual world as a complex machinery system that controls our physical world. God ultimately controls those machines, but he gives us a remote control, a limited ability to control or cause changes in the process through our actions. Our human ability to control only applies to those actions that are choices between right and wrong. That is why we are considered to have been created in the likeness of God. God is the real controller, but we were given a certain amount of control, and God takes a step back and allows us to mess up and destroy his whole world. (We do that well!)

The mechanics behind this is a lot of what Kabalah is about.

In addition to all that, God gave us the Torah. He put it on earth. The angels had a major dispute with Moses because they did not feel the Earth was worthy of the Torah coming down. They felt it belonged to the Angels. What is the problem? Can't we all share it? In reality, the Torah was put on Earth and given to our Qualified Rabbis to make the determinations in Jewish Law. If there was a law in question and the Rabbinical decision was one way, then even God could not change that or disagree. Because he gave us the Torah for our Qualified Rabbis to determine the laws.

The Talmud brings a story of a time when there was a big argument in the Heavenly Study Hall, where God felt the Law was one way and the Rabbis in Heaven disagreed. Since the Torah decisions must be on Earth only, they had to send Angels to Earth to get a decision from Rabah, who was the foremost authority in his time.

OK. So this Torah is the manual and/or rulebook that the whole system works on. As the Laws are determined and often changed, the machinery must be updated too. Suddenly something that was permitted is determined to be prohibited and must now cause a negative reaction in the machinery.

Needless to say, the Study of the Torah and of course the ultimate highest level which is the determining of the Laws, is the most important and thus most sensitive part of the entire world. Danger! Keep out! Don't play with the control panel on a Nuclear Submarine. Even if you showed your plans to several qualified Nuclear Sub Captains, and they said, “hey, it seems right.” Just keep out of the Control room.

Most people don't understand how dangerous it really is. Just trust our Zohar, our Talmud, the Ramba"m, and everyone else. Keep away from this entire area. It is very dangerous!

People shouldn't be writing Law books, nor saying or writing anything that is Jewish Law. People should stop making up their own ideas and explanations for Torah. It is ridiculous to hear this new sickness, where someone asks a question on a Pasuk (verse) in the Torah, and follows that with, "so I was thinking...."   What?! There aren't enough explanations and books written by our Rishonim and Acharonim (early Rabbis), that you need to make up some Baloney? Again, do you know how dangerous that is? No? Well, why not just keep away. Help out some poor people, visit the sick, just don't touch anything in this area. I have to live here, too!

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