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Author:  BW
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Date:  11/25/2004 9:01:00 AM
Subject:  Lubavitch
Message:  "I know many Chabadniks who studied in Chabad, who revered the Rebbe and follow his teachings of reaching out to all Jews, and are terribly distressed at the entire situation, it simply isn't fair to taenish an rntire group for the veryu vocal actions of some."
C'mon! The rebbe believed, and we all know it, that he was moshiach. Open up a likutei sichos, it's clear and obvious. If you want specific sources I'll give to you. The reason there's such a large group of people who belive he's moshiach is the Rebbe's fault. They ran around their whole life believing the Rebbe was moshiach so when he died, most of them couldn't face the fact that what they believed in for decades was wrong. That's why they run around screaming the Rebbe was alive. While I agree that we have egged them on , let's face it, the one to blame here is the Rebbe.
Reply:  Prove it!

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